The backside.

I like taking photographs. I like it so much that I didn’t bother buying any of the books on the reading list for the course I’m taking. Whether it will be a problem or not I’ll have to wait and see when we have our first exam next Friday… *fingers crossed, guys*


Anyway. Like I said, I like taking photographs. I like it way more than editing them afterwards. I don’t even like WATCHING them afterwards. It’s hard to get in to the photographer-spirit, but after a couple of warm-up shots I’m good to go. But it could take several days before I look at what I’ve done. And when I finally do that and have to make an edit of what to keep and what to trash, and THEN start retouching them – oh god I get depressed just thinking about it.


So that’s basically the job of a photographer. Taking pictures is just 1/6 of the job and fun, the office-part is the most time consuming and boring part. Editing, retouching, organizing, evaluating, meetings and contact with clients…

When I become big and famous and rich, I’ll hire my own retoucher. I’m sick of this shit…

It took me SIX(!!!) hours to choose and edit 10 fucking pictures to send to my teacher. LNVKPDJVSRKLFJÅEORGÅOIH