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Not cool

I like food, like everyone else. But there’s somethings I just don’t eat. Intestines is one of them. I like muscles, and only muscles. Clean muscles. Free from too much fat and different disgusting… things.

Today I ate sheep-in-cabbage (fårikål lol), and when I had eaten about 3/4 of my plate, I started playing with my food. It’s a way of saying that I’m full. Anyways, that’s when I noticed this hollow “pipe”. I cleaned it a bit, and asked my Mom terrified; Mom… is this arteries? “Yes of course!”

I was sick for hours after that. I’m not a huge fan of this dish already, I’ve just politely eaten it because it takes forever to make it. But now I’m never ever EVER eating it again. Gulping just by the thought of what I ate in that greasy mess today… FUUUCK!!!!

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  1. eeew, nå mistet jeg matlysten, men like greit det, har nettopp spist en jævla usunn baconpølse.

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