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Am I the only one who sometimes wonder how my different facial expressions looks like? You know, those expressions that shows up when you don’t really make an effort doing them?

Tonight we had the first work-night with Nordic Light where we cleaned, started moving some walls to one of the exhibition-places etc. During one of the orientation talks, I noticed how my eyes was pretty… open! I guess I’m just an open listener (ha-ha….) when I listen to something that really engages me. Usually I only show my undiagnosed narcolepsy in gatherings with a lot of people and too much information – but today it was like I had taken some speed or something…

Anyways, I got curios about how it really looked like, so I turned on the webcam and snapped my open eyes…


JESUS CHRIST WHAT IS THIS?!?! Did I seriously sit there looking like this? Our boss must really have had the creeps making eye contact with me! Hey Suzie, how about listening to something fun without making people think that you’re going to rip out their intestines as soon as you’re alone?

Snapshot_20140327_4There you go, much better. Hide your true intentions with a friendly smile, or it’ll never work…!

Suddenly it came to me why I’m always able to intentionally freak people out by staring at them without saying a word. I’m freaked out just by looking at myself…

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  1. hahaha jeg tar meg selv ofte i å ha øynene wide open like that sjæl
    (ekkelt å lese på engelsk, da tenker jeg på engelsk etterpå)

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