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Shopping Hangover

Spring equals cleaning the wardrobe and fill it up with new delicious stuff. Not that I’ve ever done the first thing, I usually just fill it up no matter what season it is…


But I just want a simple clean wardrobe with basic must-haves like for instance a denim shirt (got it!), black trousers (got 40!), simple dresses for both formal and casual wear (not quite there yet), a maxi dress for summer and winter-events (miss the summer-dress), t-shirts in wearable colors etc. And go bananas every season with pieces I can sell/donate later.

So when I can find time to wash absolutely everything I have, sort it out and take pictures of everything I want to sell, I’ll open a Bloppis. I can feel it already now that it will never happen, Jesus fucking Christ what a job…

And by the way, I have a serious condition of shopping hangover… The collage is only a half of everything I’ve bought this week. Oh well, it’ll disappear as soon as the packages starts tearing my mailbox :)

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  1. åh, gi meg no tips a! hvor shopper du? kjolen er supersøøøt

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