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Love, love, LOVE my new white blazer from H&M. So spring, so classy, so chic!

The thing I love about H&M isn’t necessarily their news or clothes in general, but what hangs left in the sales department for months without nobody daring enough to buy it. I mean… come on, a white blazer? One; It’s spring, classy, chic and hot as hell, and two; it’s spring, classy, chic and hot as hell.

If you pay a close eye on each season’s trends, there is a lot of treasures to find in the sales department in cities like Kristiansund where no one dares to dress in other than… what everyone else is wearing. Well, too bad for you bitches.

IMG_3861 //Here

I also found a pair of boyfriend-jeans close to perfection. WITHOUT HOLES!!! Which means I don’t have to run around looking for the perfect ripped jeans, because it’s just crazy buying something broken for like 600NOK. 150NOK on sale, and I can make my own perfect pair without ruining myself.

Glorious tips for you who don’t like buying broken things, and don’t have a model at home to destroy yourself.

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