So, I’m not doing very well at the moment. I mean… I’m not depressed or anything, but really tired in my head. I’m actually so tired that I decided to drop last night’s concert with Brad Paisley in Oslo. And I actually wasn’t as sad as I imagined I would be.


I think it has something to do with the fact that you have to learn how to survive with dropping certain happenings in your life. And yesterday I realized what an amazing relieve it was to not cry my eyes out for not being able to see the concert. And I’m not sad today either. It feels good to take care of my mental health for once, if it means I’ll have to sacrifice certain things. (And let’s face it, there’s worse things in life to miss because of our fucked up brains – a concert is just a drop in the ocean)


In other news, on Friday I decided to go blonde again. At first the plan was to put in highlights, but since I was already pretty light, we decided to bleach the whole thing. Which naturally resulted in yellow dalmatian-hair because we only had enough bleach for highlighting the half of it, haha. So yesterday we bleached it again, and now my hair is almost white with a hint of yellow which I will correct in a couple of weeks with a pearl/silver-color. Just have to let it rest for some time now, these past days has been like Auschwitz for hair… AND THEN I’LL DYE MY HAIR PASTEL PINK BITCHES!!!! Haven’t decided if I want to do it all over or in an ombre yet.. What do you think?

I know one thing for sure; This time I’m not going dark again. From now on I will take good care of my blonde tresses, this is the color I feel most comfortable and “me” in. Just eager about neutralizing the yellow so I don’t have to start using fake tan because of my pale skin I’ve fallen so in love with.